Fraunhofer iButton

Small innovations, great opportunities

There are lots of myths and rumors going round about the Internet of Things. But it is a fact that the Internet of Things is not just reserved for large companies. And the Internet of Things really doesn’t need to cost much! See for yourself.

With the Fraunhofer iButton you can:

  • order supplies (when shelf space is empty),
  • call a vehicle,
  • measure the temperature,
  • start a machine,
  • identify (64Bit ID),
  • acknowledge retrieval,
  • send a message (when connected to a smartphone or computer)
  •  ...

 Then add the following:

  • a scanner
  • an ARM Processor
  • Bluetooth LE,
  • a casing
  • ...
  • and one App.

To be honest, the »Fraunhofer iButton« doesn’t exist yet, but Fraunhofer IML would be pleased to develop it for your company!

»We already have the basic technologies for the industrial revolution at hand, we only need the courage to finally turn them into products and business models. And then supposedly small innovations can quickly become great opportunities.«

Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel, Managing Director Fraunhofer IML