Making the Internet of Things usable

Companies can already take their first steps towards implementing the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 right now. Even though nobody knows when the fourth industrial revolution will really come – but, when it comes, it will lead to a Copernican revolution. So, wherever economic potential can be leveraged with a reasonable amount of effort using the technological possibilities which already exist, it makes sense to start introducing - step by step - suitable infrastructures now.

Fraunhofer IML can support your company with individual services and formats to further develop and exploit the potential of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Our key topics

•    Data gathering & processing

•    Assistance systems

•    Networking & integration

•    Decentralization & service-orientation

•    Self-organization & autonomy

•    Enterprise planning & production logistics


Consortium research. Future issues can be solved together if you have the right partners. We put you in touch with interesting partners and initiate jointly sponsored research projects at both national and international level and provide advice on research funding.

Enterprise Labs. Companies work together with scientists in an »Enterprise Lab« and can implement innovations in direct cooperation with each other – from identifying relevant topic areas through to market-ready business cases. Synergies are used and ideas are realized with a direct orientation towards the customer’s business processes. Find out more at the Industry 4.0 lab center site.

Consulting projects. Tailor-made to deal with your issues, we can find the right format together.  We would be pleased to investigate your special questions specifically and exclusively in an individual project. With our Potential Study Logistics 4.0, together we can identify the benefits of using Industry 4.0 technologies in your company.

Research halls. The research halls, test centers and labs at Fraunhofer IML provide companies with facilities for logistics research which are really unique in Europe. Read more here.